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With a dramatic flair and a deep, multilayered voice, he pulls off a host of fantastical characters including Professor Woland (Satan) and several of his associates, Pontius Pilate and Jesus Christ, witches and madmen and a variety of early 20th-century Moscow literary and theater types.Two minor caveats: a few characterizations are too nasal, and his cockney accents for low-class Russian characters are a bit disconcerting.This complex, multilayered, and Rabelaisian novel is impossible to summarize.Suffice it to say that when Satan incognito brings a hellish gang to the officially atheist USSR, mayhem ensues, in the course of which the author verbally skewers the Soviet literary, social, and political establishments.

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In this world, art of any form was a dangerous currency, and the State did everything it could to ensure that only those works of which it approved were published. For a start, it is a satire, and people holding absolute power are rarely amused by being mocked.

How this posthumously published satire got written in Stalinist Russia and survived is as fascinating a story as the one it tells.